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October 10, 2011 / Infinite Tasks

Infinite Tasks Reawakens, Undergoes Redesign, Falls Back to Sleep

I am promoting this post, originally from December 27, 2010, up to the top of the page with a new date.  I expect a little extra traffic through here the next few weeks, and wante to make sure people knew that, while this is not an “active” blog, I expect it to be so again.  The last post was actually on January 17, 2011 – about two weeks later I became a father and, as is usual with such things, everything changed. I look forward to returning to the blog, but I also notive that the IJ Index and contents continue to generate hits, and I am pleased that my work here is generating at least a bit of internetterly spark.


A few months ago, I joined Goodreads.  I’m not much of a social networker (notice the lack of Facebook or Twitter feeds on this page), but after having come across yet another mention of Evan Dara’s The Lost Scrapbook or Edmundo Paz Soldan’s Turing’s Delirium, but never remembering to get a copy of either, I realized I needed a to-read shelf somewhere in the internet clouds.  Pretty quickly, I enjoyed the process of shifting books from the to-read to the currently-reading to the read shelf, and jotting down a few paragraphs worth of a review. I also found quite a few excellent recommendations there from the folks who have become my “friends.”

This presents a good opportunity to revitalize Infinite Tasks, which receives a good bit of traffic even through its dormant phase.  I am going to develop some of the reviews I’ve started over at Goodreads and post them here, starting with Lee Konstantinou’s Pop Apocalypse, and then some books by Cory Doctorow, Susan Palwick, and others.

At the same time, this was a good opportunity to give Infinite Tasks a facelift.  Hope you enjoy the new look of the page (and your first look at me, above).  And, if you want to be my Goodreads friend, just send me an invite!


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  1. Daryl / Dec 28 2010 6:30 am

    If you want to add one to your list, I’m just about to decide that I am in fact going to lead a little group read of Gravity’s Rainbow. Would love to have your voice in the mix — here at your blog or over at mine — if I do tip over in favor of reading the book.

    • Infinite Tasks / Dec 28 2010 9:26 pm

      Hi Daryl! Gravity’s Rainbow, which I read in the summer of 1991, absolutely changed my life. I had read a decent amount of literature by that time (as a college senior majoring in philosophy and comparative literature), but had no idea that it was even possible to write like that. My entire world was turned upside down. I’ve dragged my copy of the book around for twenty years, through a dozen or more moves, for the right opportunity to read it again. It took almost twenty years until a book affected me so powerfully (need I name it?).

      All of which is to say, if I can, I will. I’m keeping an eye out on news updates over at Infinite Zombies.

  2. Daryl / Dec 28 2010 9:33 pm

    Sounds good. I see-saw on a daily basis w/r/t whether or not to undertake this. It’s a reread for me, and I’ve got so much else I want to do that this read would make me put off. This morning I was divvying up pages into weekly reading assignments; this evening I was deciding to hold off until later in the year. Of course I’ll announce at IZ if I do decide to do it, and I’ll reach out to you directly too, so no worries if IZ slips off your radar.

  3. Naptimewriting / Jan 21 2012 12:35 pm

    I just thought this morning: it’s time to see what Infinite Tasks and Infinite Zombies are up to…nothing to comment. Just glad you both made my quest a bit easier. Happy 2012!

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