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Best of Infinite Summer

As a way of saying Thank You to all the participants in Infinite Summer – and a way to avoid thinking of this as something that is in the past – I collect here all of my favorite IJ posts from some of my favorite bloggers from the last three months. It’s not meant as a competition, and I’m happy to add more links if there’s any fan-faves that I’ve left out.  Together, they make a great survey of the diversity and intelligence that has coalesced in this awesome, life-changing process we’ve called Infinite Summer.  My tribute to you, my friends!

Gerry Canavan on the M.I.T. Language Riots

Infinite Detox’s Field Guide to Bernini’s St. Theresa

Daryl on Avery Edison, Who Hurt His Feelings

Aaron on the Years of Subsidized Time

Ray Gunn, Your Copyeditor on Grammatical Missteps

Paul on J.O.I.’s Filmography

Journeyman Jeff on Fragments Shored Against My Ruins

Repat Blues on the Maternal Fantods

Naptime on the Delights of a Three-Year-Old *

* Ok, I know this is not specifically an IJ post, but it is sandwiched between IJ Quotes #45 & #46, you just try to read it without laughing.

And although I said this was not a competition, I hope everyone surely agrees that this is the B.P.O.A.T.

Infinite Detox on

Techno-Curmudgeonly Solutions for Life in a Wallacian Dystopia

I thought about picking out the best posts of the IS Guests and Guides, but it became cumbersome.   As we all know, without Avery, Eden, Kevin, and Matthew, and the revealing Guest Interludes from Wallace luminaries, our Summer would have been far drearier.  Thanks to you all.

And finally, the Commenter of the Summer must surely be Itzadrag, whose sincere and thoughtful contributions were a highlight for many of us (and who is responsible for the appelation B.P.O.A.T., above). Itza sent this along to me, and I pass it on to all of you – time of season be damned – with Itza’s endearing coda:

— A valentine to heal those betrayed hearts

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  1. David Harp / May 3 2011 3:14 pm

    Dear Prof. Paris (and other posters to this site),
    I just discovered this site and am most impressed by the high quality of most of the material, and the superlative quality of some! Many thanks for your work.


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